After 2 years of suspended recreational activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was with great eagerness and will that employees saw the organization of a Halloween-themed event whose purpose would be a solidarity initiative. Without neglecting the main focus, of social action, it was also a way of bringing a little bit of pre-pandemic normality to the FDG team through interaction and interpersonal relationships.

The social initiative started with fundraising through the sale of raffle tickets, in October, and a solidarity lunch. In addition, during this last event, an auction was held to raise more funds for the cause. Through the monetary value obtained, fundamental goods were acquired to support employees and their families.

FDG monitors national and international macroeconomic developments, so it is aware of the impacts it is having on the families of some of its employees, and only together will we be able to make the lives of the most vulnerable in our community more comfortable.

The events took place on the 28th and 31st of October at the FDG premises.

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