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FDG, … means much more than a long staple fiber spinning mill, … means conviction, perseverance and optimism.

Means attitude, passion and dynamism to constantly renew and to always be ahead of expectations … Come and meet us …

FDG: The company name – F.D.G. Fiação da Graça comes up in 2003, but the activity started much earlier, in 1974 …

At FDG you can find the experience of years of knowledge, but also feel the pulse and energy of a new generation, looking every day for new partners, and the loyalty and full satisfaction of customers and partners since ever…

At FDG, it is possible to hear and feel in 340 working days per year the rhythm of 14,000 spindles which are powered by four separate preparation lines, and produce about 1.600 tons of yarn per year … in each gram of yarn produced, there is the work of a whole team who tirelessly sought to optimize the efficiency, innovate in processes and products, interact and evolve the quality, commitments and comply with Accuracy and Reliability!!!

At FDG, you can find an extensive list of articles: For Weaving or Knitting. For applications as diverse as: formal, Informal and intimate clothing. Sport, Corporate Sector, Protective Clothing, Decoration, Upholstery, Architecture, … etc.

At FDG for our Bestseller yarns we have available some colors stock service, with fast delivery (2 to 3 weeks). For all yarns we have a wide range of colors available, namely ….. your color (color reproductions up to 10 days).

We have a wide product portfolio, … but above all, we have the flexibility to develop, with you, the one that interests you to generate: More value, differentiation and success !!!

At FDG we are genuinely committed to our surroundings: Social, Environmental and Cultural … that´s why we are so proud to have and to be Special Friends …


Production and marketing of thread and yarn made from long combed fibres. Different, competitive items with high-quality service and standards. For the areas of Weaving and Knitwear in the Fashion, Corporate, Technical, Decoration and Automotive sectors.


To be the most reputable long fibre spinning company and the partner chosen by the main European players in the areas of Weaving and Knitwear in the Fashion, Corporate, Technical, Decoration and Automotive sectors.


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Accuracy in the Deadlines

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